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February Playlist

1. Summer Hair=Forever Young – The Academy Is

I’ll never let you go
Don’t ever forget
Tell me you’ll remember forever young
I’ll never let you fall
It’s not over yet
You and me forever, forever young

2. Lost Boy – 5 Seconds of Summer

I’m coming because I need to find you
Is anybody there who can rescue
Somebody like me ’cause I’m just waiting
For somebody like you, somebody like you
Without you I’m a lost boy

3. Fallin’ – December Avenue

Cause I am falling faster like a train of love
Coming right and getting close to you

4. Forever – December Avenue

There’s a part of me that says I’ll never go
There’s a part of you I just could not let go


5. Battle Scars – Paradise Fears

I’ll carry you home.
No, you’re not alone.
Keep marching on,
This is worth fighting for,
You know we’ve all got battle scars.

6. Chateau – Angus&Julia

I don’t mind if you wanna go anywhere
I’ll take you there

7. No Diversion – Shuffled

Here we come again, come face to face
With little lies and sacrificed emotions

8. Tala – Maris Racal

Di natin alam ang panahon
Kaya sulitin ang pagkakataon

9. Last Scene – Ikimono Gakari

namida ga tomaranai yo
zutto tonari ni ita yasashi sono nukumori
tenohira ni nokotterunda yo

10. I Will Follow You – RIVVRS

Hey little girl, set my soul on fire
You’re the gasoline, my one desire
You make it worth the chase

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January Playlist

1. Getaway Car – Taylor Swift

X marks the spot, where we fell apart

2. End Game – Taylor Swift

I wanna be your end game
I wanna be your first string
I wanna be your A-team
I wanna be your end game

3. King of my Heart – Taylor Swift

Your love is a secret I’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep

4. Alon – Hale

O, kay bilis ng panahon
Isang iglap, isang taon
Tumatakbo ang bawat saglit

5. Rescue Me – Alden Richards

Rescue me, let love suffice
Let illusions leave my eyes

6. Dying Inside – Darren Espanto

And I was dying inside to hold you
I couldn’t believe what I felt for you

7. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect
I don’t deserve this
You look perfect tonight

8. Ears and Rhymes – December Avenue

Over and over, I’ll love you so tender
Wrapped on your arms while staring at your eyes



You tell me it’s all fiction, the poetry you write, That reality is far fetched, From the land your muse resides, The so called “love” you’d written, Are words without much heart, And I wonder if you think back, To the ring on your finger. You’d ask of my opinion, And of course I’d […]

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