Open Letters

An Open Letter To All The Girls Who Think Lowly Of Themselves


To all the girls who think lowly of themselves, you are beautiful.
Eventhough you are not like this and you are not like that
Eventhough you are not like her, you are beautiful.
Even with all the imperfections and insecurities you have those didn’t matter.
So what if you have acne?
So what if your nose isn’t pointed?
So what if your lips aren’t red as her?
So what if you’re thin, or fat, or tall, or small?
So what if your skin isn’t white as her?
Those are just little imperfections that hinders you to be the best version of you.

You are beautiful.
Don’t put down yourself just because others are more than what you areĀ 
Yes, maybe there is something more with them but that doesn’t make you any less.
Never ever give them the satisfaction to make fun of you.
Don’t get affected when they say something about you and just know that you are beyond that.
You are way too far than the girl they are trying to put down.
You are a princess with a heart of gold
And that is what makes you different
You have your dreams, ambition, goals that are waiting to be fulfilled
And those, those are the things that should drive you.
Not your imperfections
Not your insecurities
Not your failures.

Bear in mind that you are a unique kind of diamond
That you shine bright and differently from others
You shouldn’t be changing yourself just to catch a man’s attention.
You are a flower in the wilderness and those with the best intentions are the ones who will willingly pick you.
Those with the real feelings will conquer their way just to be with you
And not the other way around.
Don’t ever let them take you for granted
Nor treat you less than you deserve

You are a woman
And above all, you are more than that