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The problem with me is that I easily trust. I easily forgive. And often times I don’t hold grudges. Perhaps that is one thing I cannot change about myself. Because that is me. That is who I am.

Betray me and I will still give you second chance.
Do something wrong and I won’t judge
Go against my beliefs and I will still respect
Apologize and without a doubt, I will accept.
Give me thorns and I will still hand you roses
Throw rocks at me still, I will welcome you with wide arms open.
I always see good in people. And it’s hard.
To always believe. To always be the bigger person.

Maybe this a curse.
Sadly, this is my curse.


Don’t Want To

I dont want to be in a relationship– in any kind of relationship wherein you’ll get too attached.
You’ll get attached to the point that you know everything about each other– may it be flaws, secrets and fears. And when the time comes your relationship is already in a shaky, rocky road or you both no longer have the passion to stay or the sparks are already gone, all you will do is ruin each other. All of the things that you have in mind is revenge and hate. Suddenly, all you want to do is break each other’s hearts even more that after the relationship, you’ll just spill everything out like you haven’t been together for years. It is like you forget the good things that happened and all you remember is the drifting part– the hurting and breaking part. And I dont want that disrespectful, shaming kind of relationship. No, I dont.


Let Them Feel The Dose Of Their Own Medicine

I have come to realize that there are certain people who will eventually come in your life just to bug your whole being; they wilo come just to trick your senses. At some point in your life, you’ll get fooled and hurt as if you can’t be fixed– as if you can’t saved. There will be people who’ll take you for granted– who will treat you less than your worth. Those people, let them do what they want. Let them be satisfied. Don’t mind them at all because that’s just how the world goes. No matter how good you are, in the end you’ll still taste how bitter life is and how mean people are. The only thing that matters by then is you, not making them feel the way they are making you feel. Be the person who is man enough– or woman enough to just not heed those people who haven’t done any good to you.