I’m tired of all the
half-hearted feelings
I’m done having the same kind
of love that I don’t deserve
I want genuine happiness
I want something worth risking


The problem with me is that I easily trust. I easily forgive. And often times I don’t hold grudges. Perhaps that is one thing I cannot change about myself. Because that is me. That is who I am.

Betray me and I will still give you second chance.
Do something wrong and I won’t judge
Go against my beliefs and I will still respect
Apologize and without a doubt, I will accept.
Give me thorns and I will still hand you roses
Throw rocks at me still, I will welcome you with wide arms open.
I always see good in people. And it’s hard.
To always believe. To always be the bigger person.

Maybe this a curse.
Sadly, this is my curse.

Anchors are for Ships

“I was born to sail.”

That’s what I always say whenever she’s asking why are we doing this. She is my greatest companion. She’s with me wherever I go. She’s always there no matter how strong waves are and how cold ocean is. With her, I can just sail and sail not wanting more. I can go places, stay and wander if I want to but that was before I sent her away. I sent her away not knowing that she’s the most important part of me. I wish I have known earlier that without her I’d sink. Without her I’d be nothing but a ship slowly sinking deeper and deeper. Now here I am, beneath my beloved ocean, dysfunctional without my anchor.

Dear brave heart


(Photo Credits to: Brian Morales)

Dear brave heart,
You made it.
You have fallen in love with the person you truly want .
You chose to take a chance on loving someone without even knowing if he or she was going to love you back.
If he or she was even worth the try.
And eventhough there was no certainty with that, you risked your heart.
You bravely took a shot.
You endured the pain.
You endured all the pain that loving caused you without a word of blame to anyone.
All you wanted was to love and everyone knew that you didn’t deserve to be hurt, still, you accepted.
You accepted all the hurt with arms wide open.

Yes, you cried but you still chose to smile because from the beginning, it was you who wanted it.
It was your decision to fell in love.
And by falling is simply hurting yet you insisted.
And that’s how brave you are.
You took all the courage just to experience love and eventhough love failed you, atleast you tried
And for that, I am proud of you.

The Thing About People

People act as if happy ones don’t have the right to be lonely.
It’s as if it has been written somewhere holy that they should stay happy all the time.
Is it forbidden?
Is it really necessary for them not to be lonely?
Should they fake themselves?
Should they push their buttons to the limit just to pretend they are happy even if they are not?
I guess no. All their life they have been happy.
They have given happiness on other’s lives;
they have painted smiles on other’s faces
And for a while I guess, them, being lonely won’t hurt too much.
Because they have the right to be lonely–to feel bad;
they have the right to also cry.
And that’s what we, people, always fail to understand.