Some says that sunsets
radiate sadness.
Whenever it appear,
You’d just feel its heaviness in your chest.
Some says that sunsets
are goodbyes
For it give off the feeling of an end.
Some says that sunsets
are just a mere setting of the sun

I refuse to believe.

Deep within me, I know
It is serenity
It is of hope and new beginnings.
The end of the day yet the start of another.
And everytime I’ll lay eyes on the sunset,
I want myself to be reminded of those.

Wrecked by a Promise


I should’ve never listened
Should’ve never believed
I should’ve never let this muscle ruled me—
Never let these feelings took control

Yet, I did.
I chose to listen,
To believe.
I let this muscle decide
I chose to hear every single thing he promised to do.
He promised me he will..
He promised me..
He promised..

And it took him those promises to wreck me.
It took me those promises to learn
And it was not easy
For reality slapped me real hard
That promises truly are meant to be broken

Music Monday (07.25.16)


You don’t believe me when I tell you that I’m fine
But honestly I don’t know what I feel inside

You never thought that we could leave this place behind
But things will get better

Take my hand
We could have this one last dance
Take my heart
We could feel this from the start
Like I never had before

And let’s pretend that I’m not really leaving
When all of these dreams were always falling back asleep

Because these things were make-believe
So I’ll sit back and watch you sing

Goodbye to every single little thing you said

This is not what we asked for
But it’s really what we need
All goodbyes were meant forever
But I’m not ready to leave

Take my hand
We could have this one last dance

You don’t believe me when I tell you that I’m fine
But honestly I don’t know what I feel inside


We Are Forever’s Take My Hand (Official Music Video click here)

Music Monday (07.11.16)


You deserve someone who listens to you
Hears every word and knows what to do
When you’re feeling hopeless lost and confused
There’s somebody out there who will 

You need a man who holds you for hours
Make your friends jealous
When he brings you flowers
And laughs when he says they don’t have love like ours
There somebody out there who will

There’s somebody out there who’s looking for you
Someday he’ll find you I swear that it’s true

He’s gonna kiss you and you’ll feel the world standstill
There’s somebody out there who will

Tossing and turning and dreaming at night
About finding him and praying and hoping you might

‘Cause you deserve someone who knows how to treat you right

I know he’s out there 
He’s looking for you

You need some who’ll miss you
Hold you and kiss you

There’s somebody out there who will


RTTM’s Somebody Out There (click here for audio)

Dear brave heart


(Photo Credits to: Brian Morales)

Dear brave heart,
You made it.
You have fallen in love with the person you truly want .
You chose to take a chance on loving someone without even knowing if he or she was going to love you back.
If he or she was even worth the try.
And eventhough there was no certainty with that, you risked your heart.
You bravely took a shot.
You endured the pain.
You endured all the pain that loving caused you without a word of blame to anyone.
All you wanted was to love and everyone knew that you didn’t deserve to be hurt, still, you accepted.
You accepted all the hurt with arms wide open.

Yes, you cried but you still chose to smile because from the beginning, it was you who wanted it.
It was your decision to fell in love.
And by falling is simply hurting yet you insisted.
And that’s how brave you are.
You took all the courage just to experience love and eventhough love failed you, atleast you tried
And for that, I am proud of you.