You were once my someone
My rainbows and butterflies
My stars and sunshines
You were once my bliss
The reason to my loudest laughters
Down to my sweetest smiles
You were that someone I believed in
That someone I trusted with no doubts in between
You were my ‘go-to’ person
My ‘every’ buddy
My shoulder to lean on
You were basically my safe zone
My haven and my home

Because once upon a time,
We met each other.
Fate found its way for us to be together
And suddenly we clicked
We became something platonic–
And even more than that.
We were partners in crime
We were inseparable
We were solid
We were each other’s everything
And I thought we were endless

But you became so distant
You became cold
Your hands intertwined in mineĀ 
slowly loosened its hold.
You became someone you promised you never be
You changed…
And you forgot me
We were not the same as before
We grew apart
And then we were nothing

You took me so high just to left me hanging
You pulled me close just to pushed me away
You made me whole just to crashed me into pieces
And how I wish you didn’t.

   —here’s to our fleeting moment

Hindi Na Tayo Yung Dati

Meron. Merong nagbago.
Kahit hindi mo sabihin
Kahit hindi natin aminin
Alam nating may nagbago
Hindi na ikaw yung dating kilala ko.
Hindi na ikaw yung palaging kasama ko
Hindi ka na natatawa sa mga biro ko
Iba na yung trip mo sa trip ko.

At hindi na rin ako yung dati.
Hindi na ko yung malakas tumawa
Hindi na ko yung isang yaya mo lang nandyan na
May mga bago na kong kakilala
At nakakalungkot man pero ganun siguro talaga

Hindi lang satin umiikot ang mundo
Hindi lang tayo ang nabubuhay dito
Alam kong marami tayong napagkasunduan at ipinangako sa isa’t-isa noon
Pero ganun nga siguro talaga
Hindi lahat ng sinabi mangyayari
Hindi lahat ng ipinangako, matutupad.
May mga bagay na unti-unti nalang mawawala ng hindi natin namamalayan

Tulad ng nangyari satin.
Yung dating masaya lang, ngayon punong-puno ng drama
Yung dating simple lang, ngayon sobrang kumplikado na.
Dati naman kasi magkasama lang tayo ng saglit, ayos na
Pero bakit ngayon ang daming kulang?
Ang daming hinahanap
Ang daming kailangan
Ewan ko, siguro nga kasabay ng maraming kulang ang maraming katanungan.
Katanungan na hindi natin alam kung pano bibitawan ng walang nasasaktan
At kasagutan na parehas naman nating alam, takot lang tayong aminin kaya nagbubulag-bulagan.

Sabi natin noon mahuhulog tayo ng sabay
Tama, nahulog nga tayo ng sabay
Pero hindi sa isa’t-isa tayo bumagsak

An Open Letter To All The Girls Who Think Lowly Of Themselves


To all the girls who think lowly of themselves, you are beautiful.
Eventhough you are not like this and you are not like that
Eventhough you are not like her, you are beautiful.
Even with all the imperfections and insecurities you have those didn’t matter.
So what if you have acne?
So what if your nose isn’t pointed?
So what if your lips aren’t red as her?
So what if you’re thin, or fat, or tall, or small?
So what if your skin isn’t white as her?
Those are just little imperfections that hinders you to be the best version of you.

You are beautiful.
Don’t put down yourself just because others are more than what you areĀ 
Yes, maybe there is something more with them but that doesn’t make you any less.
Never ever give them the satisfaction to make fun of you.
Don’t get affected when they say something about you and just know that you are beyond that.
You are way too far than the girl they are trying to put down.
You are a princess with a heart of gold
And that is what makes you different
You have your dreams, ambition, goals that are waiting to be fulfilled
And those, those are the things that should drive you.
Not your imperfections
Not your insecurities
Not your failures.

Bear in mind that you are a unique kind of diamond
That you shine bright and differently from others
You shouldn’t be changing yourself just to catch a man’s attention.
You are a flower in the wilderness and those with the best intentions are the ones who will willingly pick you.
Those with the real feelings will conquer their way just to be with you
And not the other way around.
Don’t ever let them take you for granted
Nor treat you less than you deserve

You are a woman
And above all, you are more than that