poetry, Prose

Dear brave heart


(Photo Credits to: Brian Morales)

Dear brave heart,
You made it.
You have fallen in love with the person you truly want .
You chose to take a chance on loving someone without even knowing if he or she was going to love you back.
If he or she was even worth the try.
And eventhough there was no certainty with that, you risked your heart.
You bravely took a shot.
You endured the pain.
You endured all the pain that loving caused you without a word of blame to anyone.
All you wanted was to love and everyone knew that you didn’t deserve to be hurt, still, you accepted.
You accepted all the hurt with arms wide open.

Yes, you cried but you still chose to smile because from the beginning, it was you who wanted it.
It was your decision to fell in love.
And by falling is simply hurting yet you insisted.
And that’s how brave you are.
You took all the courage just to experience love and eventhough love failed you, atleast you tried
And for that, I am proud of you.


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