Music Monday (06.13.16)


“You are here. You fought the weekend war. And you made it to the other side. Welcome to Monday. You can be anyone. Here. This is a new day. A new beginning. A new chance to be great. We are wiser and wilder than we were yesterday. Go kiss a stranger. Scream your favorite song from the top of the tallest building. You have the right to remain rock and roll. This is the end of the innocence. Youth wasn’t wasted on us. Now get out there and write your story.”

We were young and unprepared
Growing up can make you stupid
Why is everyone so scared?

“Cause I believe that we gotta be good for something. I believe that the moment will come but if we die and find out it was all for nothing, least we know that youth wasn’t wasted on us. Youth wasn’t wasted on us.”

Between empty parts and broken hearts
Is something worth believing in

More than all the resolutions
Maybe there’s no masterplan
Growing up can make you stupid
But we do the best we can


MV of the The Summer Set’s Wasted (click here)


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