words. photographs. music


Why words? Why photographs? Why music?


Words because I basically love writing. I love to write poems, short essays, prose and spoken word pieces whether in English or Filipino language. I see writing as an outlet of emotions and it feels good whenever I do so. I usually write about life, dreams, love, musings, my what ifs and could’ve beens, why is this like this, why is that like that, and everything that comes into my mind. I write when I’m happy. I write when I’m sad. I write whenever I feel like I have to or I need to and I will continue writing as long as I have something here in my heart.


I am fond of taking pictures. I don’t consider this as a hobby before, but now’s different. I found myself enjoying what photographs or rather photography, offers that’s why I started to try taking good photographs I can call my own. I, together with my cousins, do photoshoot whenever we’re bored and it’s a nice feeling to know that they are way happy with my shots. I like to see good photographs so I told myself why not take good photographs, instead?


I am totally a lover of music especially foreign indie bands. I don’t know. I just woke up one day and realize that I have this thing for bands. I love everything about them and I admire them for what they are and what they have. Indeed, I am a fangirl– proud fangirl of The Summer Set, Sleeping with Sirens, Against the Current, We are the in Crowd, We are Forever and a lot more (I can’t name them all. Haha). I am also a Swiftie and a Callalista. All in all, their music inspires the hell out of me and I can’t imagine living without their music lol. But I’m serious, these bands are really something. Feels like they are angels sent from above to sing me to sleep and to awaken me about what life really is. Listening to their music makes me realize a lot about life and for that, they will always have a special part in my heart.



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